Whether you’re looking to upgrade a singular aspect of your space or commit to a complete renovation, our team of skilled tradesmen and dedicated project managers are ready to help transform your kitchen into the space you’ve been dreaming of.

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With the kitchen being such an integral and high-use room, a thoughtfully planned and well executed renovation can make a huge difference. While the idea of a renovation may typically be seen as something done primarily for aesthetic purposes, the real beauty of a kitchen renovation is in its potential to improve on the space’s functionality in addition to its style. A kitchen is a gathering place, a storage space, and a work area all in one, and can really become the heart of a home when designed with its many uses in mind. Sada & Platts has extensive experience working with clients to dream up timeless designs that meet their unique needs, all while ensuring that the process is seamless and affordable.

Prioritise functionality and flow. Starting a renovation can be incredibly exciting with so many kitchen inspiration photos at your fingertips! With that in mind, be sure to work with our team to pinpoint what your specific needs and preferences are and move forward with those points at the forefront of your design. Does your family like to congregate in the kitchen, calling for ample seating space or a large island? Are you an avid home chef looking to deck out your kitchen with all the latest gadgets and appliances? If you have a separate dining room and love to host dinner parties, how can it flow more conveniently into your kitchen space? The designers at Sada & Platts are well-versed in these design considerations, and will take the time to delve into your specific circumstances to make sure the end result is tailored to your life.

Let your personality shine through. A quality kitchen renovation completed by our detail-oriented team can last a long time, while interior design fads seem to come and go with the seasons. What design concepts and ideas feel timeless to you? What brings you joy consistently through the years, and how can you infuse your new kitchen with more of those elements? Ultimately, a renovation is an investment in your own quality of life, and taking the time to make sure your space reflects who you are is invaluable.


Get creative with storage spaces. Storage can be so much more than the dreaded cabinet full of clutter! Nowadays there are countless options for those looking to get creative with this very necessary aspect of kitchen spaces. Consider keeping pots and pans in large drawers at a lower level, or including pull-out shelves in the pantry to increase ease and accessibility. For those wanting to keep their items on display, consider open shelving for more decorative items or a set of glass-front cabinets to show off your beloved mug collection.

Don’t forget about the floors and ceilings. The flooring and ceilings in a room can really bring together a design and add that elevated finishing touch, and they can also be functional! Not much can beat the feeling of heating floors while making breakfast on a cold winter morning.

Consider upgrading your appliances. There have been amazing recent advancements in smart appliance technology that could bring that extra bit of comfort and convenience to your home. Not only that, but panel-ready appliances give you the freedom to incorporate otherwise incongruent items into a more cohesive style.

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