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We are happy to provide complimentary quotes for our services so as long as the property is located within the Greater London Area.

While the cost of materials is the responsibility of our clients, Sada & Platts’ Project Management Team takes care of all of the logistics necessary in securing the needed materials for your project.

One of our devoted Project Managers will work alongside our team of tradesmen to ensure the delivery of needed materials is executed in a timely manner so as to not delay project completion.

Absolutely! Sada & Platts has a long history of providing high quality commercial renovations and maintenance for restaurants, hotels, storefronts, and offices.

We’re well versed in providing swift service in order to limit any disruption to your business operations.

Our tradesmen and interior designers have extensive experience in a vast assortment of commercial spaces.

We know how important it is to emphasise your businesses’ brand, while simultaneously improving the functionality of your space.

That’s why whether we’re installing walk-in freezers, optimising retail stock rooms, redesigning a hotel lobby, or updating your packaged HVAC systems, we’re prepared to help.

Sada & Platts is happy to work with commercial clients across nearly every industry.

With experience servicing hotels, restaurants, storefronts, and office buildings alike, we’re ready to assess your maintenance needs and develop a long-term solution for your property.

As a renter, your ability to refurbish your flat is at the discretion of your landlord.

Any changes to the structure of your flat must be approved by your landlord before the start of work.

We’re happy to collaborate with your in-house building manager or assist you in finding one.

After nearly half a decade in both residential and commercial building management, we have an extensive network of trusted experienced professionals happy to provide whatever degree of service is most constructive for you. 

Sada & Platts provides emergency service for our Residential Property Maintenance Clients and Commercial Property Maintenance Clients.

For our Commercial Building Management Clients, we offer the opportunity to collaborate with our team on a retainer basis.

This allows our Commercial Property Management Clients to pre-determine the number of hours they’d like us to dedicate to servicing their property per week at a fixed rate.

Our Commercial Property Management clients will also be put in contact with an Account Manager who will act as their long-term point of contact.

For our Commercial Maintenance & Upkeep Clients, we offer as-needed service. Our Commercial Maintenance & Upkeep service allows us to fulfil requests for individual maintenance projects as they arise. Each one of these projects is managed by one of our Project Managers.

This service is perfect for clients who have a more acute and occasional need for maintenance.

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