Explore how Sada & Platts can help transform any space into a home.
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Create a space where you and your employees feel empowered to thrive.
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With years of experience managing our own property developments, Sada & Platts is now offering full service and bespoke solutions for landlords.
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Sada & Platts strives to create a world where we all live and work in spaces that cultivate joy, growth, and empowerment. We bring together a team of exceptional tradesmen, designers, property managers, and administrators to craft functional and beautiful environments for our clients, inspired by their needs and aspirations.
Sada & Platts
Why Sada & Platts?

Our Team of Account Managers and Project Managers

Our Account Managers & Project Managers are here to work with you one-on-one, so you’ll never have to worry about any pesky backend logistics.

A History in Luxury Renovations and Maintenance

Beginning in 2017, Sada & Platts has serviced luxury residential and commercial property in the Greater London Area. Since we’ve expanded to offer our same high-quality service to homes and commercial spaces of all kinds.

Highly Experienced Experts in Health and Safety

Sada & Platts offers over a dozen different Health & Safety certification services. Schedule routine inspections, or bring us in for a one off job. Either way, breathe easy knowing your building, and everyone in it, is safe and secure.

Flexible Service Customizable to Meet Your Needs

When it comes to property maintenance and upkeep, we know that each of our clients’ needs are unique. That’s why we’re happy to offer fully customizable bespoke service plans that cater to your specific property and preferences.

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